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Gardening Products

Here at Pest Control Group we have a wide range of general gardening products. We stock products for the fruit and vegetable grower such as Bayer Garden Fruit & Vegetable Disease Control 6 Sachets. Protect your fruit trees from crawling insects by applying the Bayer Garden Boltac Greasebands 1.75 metre. Stop your roses and ornamental garden plants from coming under attack from bugs and diseases with Bayer Garden Multirose Concentrate 400ml.

Every Greenhouse owner needs to clean and disinfect at the start and the end of the Growing Season and what better product than the trusted Jeyes Fluid 1 litre. This Multi-Purpose product is perfect for use on animal hutches, drains, paths and sheds - A great all round product!

Every household has one and they can become very smelly very quickly from bin bag spillages and wear and tear, this product gets straight down to business and turns a smell in the average neglected wheelie bin into a lemon fresh scent! Jeyes Fluid Freshbin Powder (Lemon) 680g

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